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DeltaHealth Clinic · Hongqiao (DeltaWest Clinic)

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Opened in January 2013, DeltaHealth Clinic·Hongqiao is DeltaHealth’s first outpatient clinic in Shanghai and a part of its downtown clinic network dedicated to cardiovascular care. Committed to “patient centered” medical care, the sophisticated medical team of DeltaWest clinic consists of domestic and international physicians and panel specialists provides primary care and a wide-range of specialty cares, and the clinic is featured in the fields of cardiovascular disease screening, early diagnosis, expert consulting and cardiac rehabilitation.

Since the first day of operation, our medical team have been providing personalized and international standards of medical care to our patients and have been engaged with public health education and social services, earning high recognition from patients and their families, corporate clients, NGO partners and local communities.

Clinic Medical Services

  • ž   General practice and family medicine
  • ž   Featured Specialties: Cardiovascular, Experts’ Second Opinion, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Psychology
  • ž   Specialties: Gynecology, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Chinese Medicine, Dental, ophthalmology, urology, Dermatology, ENT, Physical Therapy
  • ž   Comprehensive medical services: Referral and reservation service, Commercial insurance, Disease Screening and health management
  • ž   Other Services : Out-patient surgery, lab work, imaging diagnosis, pharmacy, etc.



Featured Specialties


· End-to-End disease management model from early intervention, risk factors evaluation and timely treatment to reduce heart attack risks.

· International & domestic physicians working together to offer personalized treatment solutions for patients.
· Referral service provided for patients who need secondary medical care in our medical institution network.

· Health control for surgery patients with attentive follow-up, evaluation and personalized rehabilitation plan.

 Cardiovascular expert’s second opinion

· Prof. Sun LiZhong, Prof. Ge JunBo and Prof. Huang LianJun, top-notch cardiovascular physicians, are also the   founding members of DeltaHealth’s Medical Advisory Panel, regularly providing authoritative expert opinions to   patients at DeltaWest Clinic.

 Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

· Utilizing state of the art rehabilitation and cardiac monitoring equipment, we provide international standards of care for patients with cardiovascular disease.

· Our rehabilitation team consists of cardiologists, physical therapists, nurses, nutritionists and psychologists.

· A tailor made, individualized rehabilitation plan will be designed for each individual according to their specific stage of recovery including exercise regimes, healthy eating plans and counseling. Our Specialists and Therapists will work with you and by understanding what it takes to restore your health, we’ll help you to work towards your highest potential.

· We are dedicated to helping you maximize your physical health and recuperative success through the use of scientifically proven exercise, strengthening, stretching, and coordination enhancing regimens.


· With rich oversea practice experience, our psychologists specializes in using cognitive-behavioral therapy for   assessment, consultation and treatment for depression, anxiety and other mood and behavioral disorders,   including disease incurred or stress-related mental disorder,  insomnia, marital and parenting difficulties,   climacteric syndrome, adolescent behavioral problems, etc.


DeltaHealth China

DHC is an innovative healthcare provider majority held by Fidelity Growth Partners Asia and its related party, Moonray Investors.Our aim is to transform China’s medical care and to create an innovative healthcare experience to patients in China by providing a world-class patient-centric integrated medical facility. DeltaHealth China plans to achieve this by bringingtogether domestic and international medical expertise to build an advanced disease management system, to employ international standard clinical protocols and to nurture a teamof high quality physicians.

The medical service institutions of DeltaHealth China includes a cardiovascular focused general hospital—DeltaHealth Shanghai Hospital and its downtown clinic network. The integrated medical care system developed by DeltaHealth includes end-to-end cardiovascular disease management and patient-centric oriented personalized medical care. This covers a full spectrum of cardiovascular services, offering seamless and integrated patient care from screening, diagnosis, treatment, through to rehabilitation, and all-around care for physical to mental health support from a multidisciplinary clinical team. DeltaHealth plans to promote its integrated medical care platform to patients with cardiovascular diseases in Shanghai and throughout the Yangtze Delta Region by developing a network of cardiovascular-focused clinics. These will provide pre-screening, outpatient and post-surgery rehabilitation and ongoing care in support of the hospital.

To ensure a new level of medical excellence and patient care, DeltaHealth entered into an agreement with the Divisions of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology of Columbia University and Columbia HeartSource, a global leader in Cardiology and Heart Surgery,to develop a cardiovascular platform in China.

DeltaHealth is the first and only clinical partner of Divisions of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology of Columbia University and Columbia’s HeartSource in China.

Columbia will work together with DeltaHealth China in developing high quality clinical guidance and protocols, physician and medical staff training and education in innovative cardiovascular procedures and patient care as well as introducing the “Patient-Centric” medical service model to transform the cardiovascular medical experience in China.

The DeltaHealth Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) was officially established at the same time. It will bring together leading cardiovascular academicians and experts,to consult and advise on the development of DeltaHealth Heart Center, and will support DeltaHealth in key critical areas including establishment of a clinical network and facilitating collaboration with medical partners, training the clinical team, and improving diagnosis and treatment skills.

With the support of these key physician leaders and the Columbia University Heart Team, DeltaHealth will build a truly innovative and transformative platform to better meet patients’ demands for diversified and high quality cardiovascular care as well as to advance cardiovascular care in the private healthcare sector to further complement and support China’s overall healthcare system and its patients’ needs.


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