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Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

Behavioral Health Service & Counseling

The Counseling Service at Shanghai DeltaHealth Clinic is a comprehensive program delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts trained in known domestic and international institutions. Our clinical psychologist has years of professional experience internationally as well as working in the Shanghai medical community.  His strengths are complemented by our considerate, professional nursing team ready to welcome you here to SDC.

  • Behavioral Health Services

    Life in Shanghai presents unique challenges that can become overwhelming, and such burdens may trigger behavioral health problems such as depression and panic attacks. At Shanghai DeltaHealth Clinic, our Behavioral Health specialist provides professional services for the expatriate and multicultural Chinese community to help overcome stress and find new ways to flourish. 

    Our behavioral health specialist is available for assessment, consultation and treatment for adults and adolescents for concerns such as:
    • Depression and other mood disorders
    • Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks)
    • Marital, parenting and relationship difficulties
    • Adolescent behavioral problems
    • Substance abuse and dependence issues
    • Stress management and personal growth concerns
  • What is Psychotherapy?

    SDC offers scientifically based psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychodynamic therapy) as effective treatment for meeting a full range of behavioral health needs.
  • What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

    CBT evaluates negative automatic thoughts and replaces them with accurate thinking. Research shows that CBT is the most effective treatment for depression, anxiety disorders and other behavioral health concerns.
  • What is Interpersonal Psychodynamic Therapy (IPT)?

    IPT is a form of therapy which helps a person to identify, understand and resolve difficulties that may arise from past dysfunctional relationships, and that manifest in current interpersonal problems.
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