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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

What is Family Medicine?

In this era of highly technical, specialized medicine, it is easy as a patient to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of tests and seemingly endless referrals that can occur throughout the course of one’s clinical evaluation. Fortunately, here at SDC our family medicine physicians identify this and understand your need for a more personal touch. Our family medicine team focuses not just on treating an acute illness but as well on continuous, comprehensive health maintenance for every member of your family.

Holistic Approach

Our family medicine team’s holistic approach emphasizes:

  • acute and chronic medical care 
  • health risk assessment of each family member 
  • scheduling personal health maintenance exams and vaccinations according to individual risk factors 
  • specialty referral when necessary

Family Medicine Team

The Shanghai DeltaHealth Clinic (SDC) family medicine team is comprised of internationally trained physicians with a wide range of practical international clinical experience in patient care. Our family medicine team is always cognizant of the fact that otherwise straightforward illnesses may actually involve multiple physiological systems.  In keeping with our team’s holistic approach to health, our family physicians are ready to leverage our clinic’s multi-disciplinary expertise to assure your health. Whether it includes recommending a preemptive complete Cardiac Diagnostic Evaluation through our Chest Pain Clinic to address the risk of cardiovascular disease before a heart attack happens or a referral to our counseling professionals to address psychosocial concerns, we are here to serve you.

Our Physicians

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