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General Cardiology


Our primary mission is to deliver high quality, cardiovascular care to all of our patients. We advocate that the treatment of heart disease should be focused on early detection, risk intervention and timely treatment. If you or your loved one is in need of medical assistance to address a cardiovascular condition, our multi-disciplinary medical team at Shanghai DeltaHealth Clinic (SDC) is ready to help. We are proud to recommend our expert cardiologists with years of clinical experience from many well known medical institutions both in China and overseas.

Here at SDC, we emphasize the importance of maintaining open, clear patient-doctor communication to assure you fully understand every aspect of your medical condition, prognosis, and treatment plan, Our highly experienced cardiologists understand this and embrace the opportunity to rigorously evaluate any cardiac ailment but as well to be able to spend the time necessary to fully understand the effects your illness may have on your life.

After the initial cardiology consultation is complete, if necessary, we will efficiently arrange timely subsequent specialty surgical or interventional treatment through our established relationships with the best Shanghai medical centers. Thereafter, SDC will continue to meet your post-interventional or operational needs by assuring ongoing outpatient follow-up as well as personalized cardiac rehabilitation. In addition, if an extremely complicated medical case arises, SDC will leverage our professional relationships with our renowned US strategic partners to identify the best telemedicine or overseas medical treatment options.

Our Physicians

Name Expertise Language
Haegeun Song Diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, arrythmia and heart failure as well as general Internal medicine disease including diabetes, thyroid disease, GI and respiratory disease. Korean, English
Dongqing Li diagnosis and treatment of Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and other cardiology and internal medicine, chronic diseases. English, Chinese

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